The Liquid Land

Funded by the Deutscher Literaturfonds. A fantastical anti-Heimatroman set to appear in autumn 2018.

After the unexpected death of Ruth’s father and mother, the young physicist suddenly has to arrange a funeral. As it turns out, this is no easy task. The parents’ home village of Groß-Einland, which they told her so much about and where both wanted to be buried, cannot be found on any map or in any official record. After weeks of meandering through panoramic landscapes in the foothills of the Alps, Ruth finally stumbles upon Groß-Einland and understands why it was so difficult to find. The entire settlement is the private property of an extinct noble family… more


A poetics of a special kind: science and language, wedded in a salto mortale that wafts the language centres from the brain. Minerals, micro-organisms, geology, anatomy, gravitation and states of matter are the playing fields on which the unfathomable reconfiguration of our world takes place.

Published in 2017 by Klever ( with illustrations by Simon Goritschnig ( more


Literazah is a three-hour extreme performance by Jan Braun and Raphaela Edelbauer about body culture, ersatz religions and states of euphoria.

The catch? During the entire performance both will be doing weights. Reading. To complete exhaustion. October 2017: Literaturhaus Wien / November 2017: Lettretage Berlin more

Anti/Homeland - Anti/Heimat

Situating Austrian identity through a radio play: in a three-part series, set to music by the singer, producer and songwriter Corina Cinkl approaches the deceptive authenticity of our roots. more